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Although Alshifa Healthcare takes every effort to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the material on the Website, it offers no promises as to its correctness or accuracy. The Website and its content may contain inaccuracies or omissions (human or machine), and other parties may make unauthorized additions, deletions, or modifications to the Website. If you discover an error, please notify at support @alshifahhealthcareservices@gmail.com


The protection of privileged information is referred to as confidentiality. We are dedicated to and mandated by law to maintain the confidentiality of your medical information. Every piece of information Clients, previous clients, our personnel, volunteers, financial data, and business information of ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED are all kept secret. 'Confidential' implies you are free to talk about ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, your program, and your position, but you are not allowed to divulge customers' names or talk about them in ways that reveal their identity. Without proper authority, no information may be released. ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED agrees to keep personal data secret in compliance with applicable laws. The information submitted by the user is safeguarded by several security methods that the user has access to.

This confidentiality statement, which explains ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED's Privacy Policy, is a binding agreement between the consumer and ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED. If a consumer utilizes the services of ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, it implies that the customer has read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions stated above. If you do not agree with the conditions, you should not supply any personal information, use this service, or access any material on the website.

You accept that when using the website, all of your personal data will be treated in line with the terms and circumstances of this privacy and confidentiality policy. We retain the right to make modifications or amend our privacy and confidential policy at any time to reflect statutory changes, internal policies, and/or new service needs.

ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED expects you to respect customers' privacy and keep their personal and information secret. All documents pertaining to specific clients must be kept secret.

General information, policy statements, or statistical data that cannot be linked to a specific person or family are not considered secret. Staff members are responsible for keeping information about other staff members and volunteers, as well as clients, secret. Failure to preserve confidentiality may result in dismissal or other disciplinary action. This policy is meant to safeguard both you and ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED since breaches of this policy may result in personal responsibility in severe instances.

This statement of confidentiality which describes the Privacy Policy of ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED constitutes a valid agreement between the customer and ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED. If the customer uses the services of ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED, it means that the customer has read, understood and accepted with the organization as aforesaid. If you fail to agree with the terms, then you should NOT provide any personal information or use this service or any information related to the website.

Disclaimer Policy

Alshifa Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. is not liable for any negative outcomes or acceptance of a specific plan/doctor/hospital, which is entirely the patient's decision and responsibility. The patient expressly agrees that use of services is at the patient's sole risk. While every reasonable effort has been made to propose the appropriate or specific plan/doctor/hospital, ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED or its affiliates cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or omissions. ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED takes great care to ensure that all information in the report, as well as suggestions/recommendations related to it, is correct. However, ALSHIFA HEALTHCARE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED accepts no responsibility for possible damages resulting from following, relying on, or implementing the suggestions / recommendations.